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Poorman Drupal hosting

Drupal is a complex PHP CMS/Framework providing a lot of powerfull and efficient way to build websites and web applications. However, such capacities come at the price of resource requirements. Drupal is often regarded as resources hog and slow. But as all great framework, performance tuning can be accomplished to reduce significantly the requirements. It is especially important when it comes to cheap hosting. Using Drupal on a shared hosting is a pain. Overcrowded, RAM starved servers are by far the worst scenario you would want to host Drupal on.

Better Drupal configuration change logging

Managing configuration in CMS is a complex task, especially on a distributed team. When multiple users, with permission sufficient to do breaking changes, start to fight over the admin page, things can get ugly fast. In order to prove changes and enforce imputability, I came up with an idea to monitor configuration changes. Hence is born the Watchman module. It is sitting in a sandbox right now, far from being functional. The ultimate goal of this module is to keep an eye on configuration and log it.

Debunking open source myths

Open source is a very special phenomenon. There's not much other domain where people share for free their creation for the benefits of everyone. For most business leaders, it make very little sense to give away software. That's why they are usualy so sceptict about using and contributing to open source projects. For those still trying to understand the open source movement and how it could benefits you here's my say about it.

Why you should love the power user

Every SMB that isn't working in the web sector will likely require help from an external firm to create and maintain its web site. If the business is large enough, a team will be dedicated to the marketing, posting content online on their web site and on social medias. More than often, when a website is launched, little formation is given to the people who'll be using it. People get to know how to move around in the admin content, post content and reply to comments. But what happens when something more advanced is required?

No I wont fix your web site

Web has become the new eldorado for marketeers to self off trends and buzz words all over the place. In fact, web sites have becomes commodities, a business requirement that is at the same time regarded as needed assets and grossly diminished. Web sites are the new flyers that you received in your mailbox, and that ends up most of the time, right away, in the recycle bin. It has led to the rise of new specialization in web development (such as SEO or UX specialists), but also led in a certain way to a bastardization of the web development market.

The blog is back... again!

I guess like everybody who has a blog and leave it for a while, the urge to blog suddenly came back a couple of days ago. I'll be making effort this time around to blog more oftenly and gather more a little bit more audience. Stay tuned for my first article!

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